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Smt. S. I. Patel Ipcowala College of Education,Petlad, has been progressing day by day with the blessings of Rev. Shree Santram Maharaj and SwamiShree Sacchidanand Maharaj. The college was founded with the help of Late.Rajratn ShethShree Ramanlal Keshavlal Parikh and with the permission of Shethshree Amrutlal Ramanlal Parikh in the year 1970. In beginning the institute was started in the building of R.K.Vidyalay,Petlad.In 1997 'Ipcowala Vidya Bhavan' was created with the help of 'Charotar Ratna' Shethshree Indubhai Maganbhai Patel Ipcowala and from then the college of education got the modern facilitated building. 

This new building named after Mrs. Shardaben Indubhai Patel, because of sizeable donation, the trust received from Sheth Shree Indubhai


  • To provide well skilled and trained teachers for different level school.
  • To provide suitable educational environment for all those who desire to become better teachers.
  • To foster and nurture good character and high moral persona of our trainees.
  • To inculcate values of community service, national integrity, national pride, religious tolerance, aesthetic sense for earth’s environment in our trainees.
  • To provide education as an instrument for human growth and social upliftment.
  • To conduct training progrmmes for in-service secondary and higher secondary school teachers independently and with the association of other similar organizations.


  • To provide quality Teacher Training for molding better citizen for tomorrow.
  • To make higher level education facilities available at rural base.
  • To develop a conducive and rich infrastructure with modern and educate facilities for academic, co-curricular and overall development of teacher trainees and the staff.
  • To make innovation in teaching, promotion of research work, consultancy and literacy extension programmes for the benefit of the society.
  • To bring social upliftment of community through awareness programmes.
  • To build resource pool of alumni, ex-staff, parents, donors and well wishers.
  • To bring continuous improvement in performance on the basis of the feedback from all concerned stakeholders (Trainee, Alumni, School’s Principal, School teachers, School students, Peer members and management)


  • "To offer Knowledge, Wisdom, Career-oriented Teacher Education for Man making and National Building"


  • "To provide Qualitative Training to the Teacher Trainee"
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